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Transport Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Why our Transport Software best

  • Why our Transport Software Best?

    1. Save Time and Cost : This is Windows and web Based Online Transport Software.

    2. In our Online Cloud version you can access Transport Software any where.

    3. Multi Branches Facilities: Manage separate accounts and LR entery for each branch in Transport Software.

    4. Multi User Facilities: Manage each user with different type of permission in Transport Software .

    5. Transport Software is support with all windows platform 32 bit and 64 bit.

    6. Auto Calculate CGST,SGST and IGST on consignment.

  • Yes Transport Software including financial accounting you can manage voucher/Ledger/day book/trial balance/P&L/Group Ledger.

  • Yes Complete Delivery/Transit Module included. You can aslso make bill for delivery receipt.

  • Yes TBB Gr/Lr billing is available. you have to make party master,station wise rate master first for TBB BIlling.

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