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Transport Software

Online and offline Transport Software

A Comprehensive & Standardized online and offline ERP for Transport & Logistics Companies. Ideal for Full Truck Load, Parcel Services & Transport Contractors


  • Create station master
  • Create customer master
  • Create new user
  • Set permission user wise
  • Create company
  • Create Branch


  • Create new vouchers
  • Display Ledger
  • Display group ledger
  • Trial balance
  • Day Book
  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet


  • Arrival GR/LR entry
  • Arrival challan entry
  • Goods receiving report (GRS)
  • Delivery receipt
  • Transporter wise rate master
  • Delivery Receipt Bill


  • Database complete backup
  • Date wise backup
  • Transport wise backup
  • Update database
  • Computersied document serial no. setting
  • Delete/Cancel GR
  • Create new financial year
  • Restore data
  • Email configuration
  • Create new financial year
  • Update Software


  • Create new Topay/Paid/Billed GR. / LR.
  • Create new party for Billed GR
  • Create rate category for Billed GR
  • Create destination wise rate
  • Print rate list
  • auto Calculation of freight if rate revised
  • Create Monthly/Daily bill for billed GR
  • Dispatch Challan
  • Vehicle freight report (Manifest)
  • Paid freight receipt
  • Vehicle balance freight receipt


  • Dispatch Reports
  • Month wise booking comparision
  • All GR reports
  • Transporter wise GR Report
  • Consignee/Consignor wise reports
  • Crossing GR wise report
  • Destination wise reports
  • Pravte Mark wise reports
  • Service Tax reports
  • Un-Billed GR reports
  • Pending material Reports
  • Pending material destination wise report
  • Dispatch Challan reports
  • Arrival Challan reports
  • Booking register
  • Delivery register

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