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How to generate Consolidated E-Way Bills on the E-Way Bill portal

E-Way Bill (EWB-02) is a single document that contains details of all the E-Way Bills related to the consignments. If you are a transporter/ supplier who wants to transport multiple consignments of goods in a single conveyance or vehicle, you can use the Consolidated E-Way Bill feature available on the E Way Bill portal.

Note: You should be a transporter or should have generated the e-way bills at step-1 yourself to use the consolidated EWBs facility.


 1. Registration on the EWB portal .

2. You should have the Invoice/ Bill/ Challan related to the consignment of goods.

3. Transporter ID or the Vehicle number (for transport by road).

4. Transporter ID, Transporter   document number, and date on the document (for transport by rail, air, or ship).

5.  Apart from those, the taxpayer must have all the individual e-Way Bill numbers of the consignments, to be transported in one conveyance.

Here is a step-by-step process to generate consolidated e-way bills:

Step 1: Login on EWB Portal and Generate individual E-way bills.

Step 2: Select ‘ Generate new ’ under ‘Consolidated EWB ’ option appearing on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Step 3: The following details are required to be entered in this step:
  1. Select ‘Mode’ of transport- Rail/Road/Air/Ship
  2. Select ‘From State’ from the drop down 
  3. In the ‘Vehicle Starts From, field enter the location from where the goods are being transported.
  4. Enter ‘Vehicle No.’
  5. Add the EWB no. (rest of the fields are auto-populated based on this)

Enter the details and Click on ‘Submit’



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